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A woman applying facial moisturiser

Anti-Aging Treatments

When it comes to anti-aging, it's important to choose the right facial treatment for your skin type. Different skin types benefit differently from the various treatments available. You’ll want to consider your skin type, goals and budget to find the best anti-aging facial for you!

Face Complexion

Anti-Aging, Glowing & Anti-Dark Spot Facial

This professional program is a truly outstanding anti-wrinkle & anti-dark spot treatment  . Combine with Papaya Enzymes and Wet Diamond Microdermabrasion for a brighter complexion smoother, more even skin and less dark spots.   By using modern Swiss science technologies in cosmetics, in combination with the extensive clinical tests of American and European dermatologists, it provides excellent results reducing lines & wrinkles with a powerful lifting effect


Whitening & Brightening Program

High performance treatment for whitening the skin and making it more uniform and beautiful. It is ideal for eliminating ages-spots and sunburn stains. This superb professional treatment utilizes natural lipo-essentials and very powerful active ingredients with a proven efficacy in clearing excess melanin combine with the newest High Frequency LED Light Theraphy.

Not sure which treatment is for you?

Have a customized treatment by scheduling a consultation with our licensed professional!

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